District Development Consultation & Technical Assistance

At the beginning of 2011 NEWSED began consultation with the West 38th Avenue Merchants Association. Since our involvement as consultants they have successfully development a functioning board of directors, cultivated a membership drive, incorporated a marketing plan, produced a successful community event and have in place a strategy plan for comprehensive community based economic development.  Our work continues with the Association as they continue to grow and flourish.

In 2015 NEWSED was instrumental in establishing the Santa Fe Business Improvement District.  The Santa Fe BID was created to implement new and improved services through a special tax assessment for the Santa Fe Drive commercial corridor between the 700 and 1200 blocks. These services include; Physical Improvements, Maintenance, Economic Development and Safety. NEWSED is currently the administrator for the BID. Visit them HERE.

If you are involved in a District planning and development initiative and would like to consult with NEWSED contact Andrea Barela at 303-534-8342 x 110 or abarela@newsed.org