Homebuyer Counseling & Education


Homeownership Counseling

NEWSED’s counseling and educational services are provided to first-time homebuyers through one-on-one counseling and workshops. The goal is to help individuals develop a plan to become eligible for ownership. All of NEWSED’s client based services are free with the exception of a small copy fee. NEWSED counselors will work with a client for as long as counseling is needed so that they are eligible to receive a home loan. At the completion of the program clients are fully aware and educated in areas of credit stability, home maintenance budgeting, equity building, emergency repair programs, the lending process, mortgage options dos and don’ts, refinancing, home energy efficiency, how to work with a real estate agent and they are offered post counseling services.

Since the beginning of NEWSED’s home buyer counseling program over a thousand clients have been successfully transitioned into homeownership. Only 1% of these homeowners have fallen into foreclosure proving that pre purchase counseling and education works!

If you are interested in receiving homebuyer counseling please contact a counselor and make an appointment at 303-534-8342 x 100 or ext. 133. Please download the attached documents and bring them with you on your first appointment.

Pre-purchase Client Intake Forms: English Español

Foreclosure Counseling

NEWSED provides foreclosure prevention counseling to those facing this financial crisis. Services include an analysis of the homeowner’s current financial situation and investigation into solutions. Our highly trained and experienced counselors have worked with hundreds of clients.

If you are interested in receiving foreclosure counseling please contact a counselor and make an appointment at 303-534-8342 x 100 or ext. 133. Please download the attached documents and bring them with you on your first appointment.

Foreclosure Client Intake Forms (PDF): English Español

No one should ever feel discriminated against while purchasing a home or going through a foreclosure. NEWSED partners with the Denver Metro Fair Housing Center (DMFHC) who assists clients and investigates cases of discrimination. Download the DMFHC complete Fair Housing Information Packet in English and Spanish.

Are you a renter and experiencing difficulties making your rent? The Temporary Rental & Utility Assistance (TRUA) program offered for City and County of Denver residents may offer relief.


Homebuyer Workshops

NEWSED’s homebuyer workshops are designed to help you navigate the path to homeownership for free! Register for the Homebuyer workshop and learn about the following topics:

  • Is homeownership right for me
  • What is the true cost of homeownership
  • A review of the homebuyer process
  • Who are the key players what is their roles in the home buying process
  • Spending plan, credit, pre-qualification, choosing a loan and lender
  • Characteristics of subprime loan and predatory lending, loan processing, loan closing etc…


During the coronavirus epidemic we will not be holding in-person homebuyer workshops out of an abundance of caution for NEWSED staff and the public. In place of the workshops we encourage people to sign up for our online EHome class that you take at your own convenience. Sign up below.

NEWSED CDC Online Education

  • Learn anywhere on your own schedule – the course is designed to take 8 hours to complete
  • Covers what steps to take, what questions to ask, what pitfalls to avoid
  • Developed by a HUD certified nonprofit agency
  • Meets CHFA requirements after completion
  • Cost: Due to the coronavirus all fees are waived
  • A 30 minute follow up session is required after completion, please note that scheduling a 30 minutes follow up appointment may take from 2 to 3 business days after completion for your online course

For more information please contact Veronica Acosta at 303-534-8342 x 133 or

TAKE THE ONLINE CLASS NOW! Follow the steps below

Step 1 – Register


Step 2 – Enter access code CHFA99

Step 3 – Take and complete the online class

Step 4 – Contact Veronica Acosta at 303-534-8342 x 133 or to set up a follow up session via phone or one-on-one

Step 5 – Fill out a NEWSED intake form prior to your appointment with Veronica

Online Intake Forms (PDF): English

Step 6 – Get your certificate!